My New Site Checklist

Before I want a spider anywhere near any new website I like to check off a few things, just to make sure that I’ve covered my bases. Here’s some things you might want go over before releasing any new site to the general public.

  1. Buy the domain for at least 4 years (as a quality signifier)
  2. Start off with a solid base of content that is unique to you
  3. Add a 301 from to
  4. Add another 301 from to
  5. Rewrite urls that are not friendly to spiders
  6. Use .htaccess to prevent image hotlinking
  7. Use .htaccess to block bad bots
  8. Use .htaccess to block log file referrer spam
  9. Manage what files & directories you want spiders to index with a solid robots.txt file
  10. Submit your site to a few good directories, such as:
  11. Issue a press release through PRweb & PR Leap
  12. Spend a little money on a PPC campaign to get the ball rolling

This is a fairly solid start for a new website. Further down the line you might want to develop your linkage data by building one-way links with variable anchors. Adding more original content quality content and helping out on industry forums will help get the word out and hopefully garner some more good links.

If you have more suugestions please drop a comment. :)

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