Yahoo Search Update 14/12/05

Yahoo anounced that they are updating their search index again. Tim Mayer says that the update will be completed today.

On first looks this update is weird. Some are seeing the top 10 populated with only Yahoo directory-listed sites, others are watching as their sites vanish. Sounds pretty typical stuff to me.

I don’t get Yahoo updates though. On fairly non-competitive terms they have good results, but when you start looking at competitive 3-word financial phrases you start finding some really spammy sites punching well above their weight.

It’s only Thursday morning though, so we’ll wait and see what happens.

Having a quick scout round the boards this morning I could hardly find anyone talking about the update, which is pretty strange considering so many webmasters with sandboxed sites in Google rely on Yahoo and MSN to send traffic. Fairly slow discussion at WebmasterWorld and YSearchBlog.

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