Yahoo! Search: Getting A Makeover?

I am a heavy user of the Yahoo! SiteExplorer tool. So when I headed over there this morning to check out backlinks I was surprised to see a new design being trialled across Yahoo! Search, excluding image, video search etc.

Be prepared; it’s rather ‘different’.

New Yahoo Search Design

My first reaction? To me this looks like a giant mistake.

  1. First of all this totally breaks with the design on every other Yahoo! property, so they are watering down their brand.
  2. This is another example of Yahoo! following the Google lead. Check out the set of links at the top left; remind you of anything?
  3. Who does it appeal to? The design has a certain Web 2.0 feel, but it feels more like a 2nd tier search engine that anything else. I don’t think this new header (because that’s really all it is) will sit with Yahoo’s demographic.
  4. The problem with Yahoo! Search is the poor search results. Look at any webmaster forum and you’ll find plenty of stories about scraper sites and splogs dominating highly commercial terms. Yahoo! should concentrate on what is under the bonnet first, then worry about how it looks.

What do you think?

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