MSNbot Is Fast!

So last week I was working on a brand new hobby site. After I had a few pages up I though it would be a good time to alert the bots to my new site. So at 15:30 I did the rounds and dropped my URL at MSN, Yahoo and Google.

The site still has not seen a visit from either Yahoo Slurp or Googlebot as yet 3 days on. What about MSNbot? Well they visited the site at 16:07:59, I kid you not!

I know there have been complaints about Slurp being slow, but has anybody else been getting this level of service from MSN?

4 thoughts on “MSNbot Is Fast!

  1. tom sherman

    Yeah. It’s fast. Often fast than Yahoo or Google.

    I’ve heard it’s a wasteful spider but whatever.. ain’t like bandwidth is expensive these days.

  2. Andy Post author

    Hi Tom … thanks for stopping by!

    MSNbot could be classed as a wasteful bot, on a couple of my sites they have been spidering every page every day for weeks without adding a single page to their index.

    Slurp actually dropped by the site on the 10th, Googlebot has yet to show up!

    BTW that’s an interesting post you’ve got there about Google’s downfall.

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