MSN Search Is Searching For Answers

Just noticed that the folks over at MSN Search have started a survey of searchers. They’re obviously interested in gaining a better feel of who searches where, when and why, which is a ‘good thing’. From my point of view as a webmaster, MSN Search is the best in terms of fast indexing and potential ranking of new sites. In terms of their actual results, some searches are good and others return super spammy results. Anyway, head over and help them out.

Here’s a couple of the questions:

  1. What is your Primary Search Engine, the search engine you use most? (I answered Google)
  2. How many searches do you conduct on Google in the average week?
  3. Which of the following describes why you use Google the most?
  4. Which of the following search web sites or search engines have you also used in the past 30 days?
  5. Why do you use these additional search engines?

Then they ask questions specifically about your preferred engine. Looks like they’re pretty serious about improving. 🙂

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