Google Integrating Blog Posts Into Search Results

Digg!Google have been so busy releasing beta after beta for the last while that their raft of services are far from integrated. Try logging into your AdSense account, download an advanced report and try to open it in Google Spreadsheets. It doesn’t work. In fact try logging into Google Docs with Safari, it’s unsupported.

Things got so bad that Sergey Brin initiated ‘Features, not products‘, a companywide strategy to make Google’s services easier to access, feature-rich and interoperable. And the fruits are starting to show. You can now go to Google Blog Search with a link on Google News. Wow. It took a companywide initiative to do that?

But now things seem to actually be picking. I’m not 100% sure if this is brand new or not, but it looks like Google Blog Search is now getting integrated with it’s bigger 200lb brother.

After a couple of searches tonight I found that after the top 10 they were listing recent posts from Blog Search, which I think is new. Tell me if it isn’t. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to work for searches about mortgages, dental plans and mesothelioma. 😉

Screenshot below.

Google Blog Search


62 thoughts on “Google Integrating Blog Posts Into Search Results

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  12. heapseo

    Yet another integration of Google’s many OneBox UI’s – I have used your blog search example at a post on my blog summarising the vast number of different OneBoxes, hope you don’t mind!

    If Google were to roll this out permenantly they have a strong foundation to build a technorati type system – something I am surprised they haven’t done already.

  13. Debasis

    When I saw the screen shot for the first time I was spell bound for a moment!!! If this is true, then certainly Google is experimenting to integrate it’s blog search results into its general search result. And that is a real real good news for all bloggers like us. This way both party will be benefitted. Google and the Bloggers, whose blog are able to show up in the top blog search results. So hope for the Best and wait until it happens in a large scale.

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  15. Andy Post author

    First off guys, can I just thank you one and all, for picking up this story and running with it. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and link back from your blogs. Thanks!

    HeapSEO, who knows what they’ll do. Will they amalgamate Google News & Blog Search? It makes sense to me in a sense, ie. a cleaner interface. But then we have issues with credibility, spam etc.

    Debasis, I think we’re all hoping to see this rolled out. It would certainly ‘legitimize’ the blogoshpere … not that it needs Google’s vote to have a legitimate vote. You know what I mean …

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  19. Bob Caswell

    Here’s my question: Why hasn’t Google done this already? And not only for blog searches but perhaps even for news, pictures, and/or video. The big three, for me at least, would be regular search results, blog posts, and news. I’d say that over half of my searches I do three times. Why not put in my search query once and get the top 10 results from each category on the same page?

    I explain how I could see this working over at

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  23. Andy Post author

    Lou … it isn\’t an elaborate hoax.

    I just posted another screenshot after searching for FSB, otherwise known as the KGB v2.  I\’m on a static IP, Google served me the new blog post Onebox on Firefox but not on Camino only seconds later.  They are testing based on specific IP ranges (UK only?) and because of the sheer volume of traffic they have to play with it is easier for them to spot trends and more difficult for us to repeatedly spot new beta features.

    It\\\’s not the first time this happened to me.  A while back I got a new left-col layout on Google SERPs that persisted for days.

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  27. Justin Silverton

    The reason other people might not see it at this point might be because it’s only available on a few google servers (they have a server farm of thousands). I noticed that with search results too. I will look up a term and sometimes it gives me less results..and sometimes more.

    Also, it looks like you are having a magic quote issue with wordpress. Upgrading to version 2.0.4 will solve this issue 😉

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  33. AM Putra

    First we must know if Google is a search engine, and because blog is a website, so it will crawled by search engine bot. Whatever it takes with the Blog Search.

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