Chitika Adds Chanels To Reporting

Chitika have been getting a ton of press recently, but anyone who has used their system will know that their reports are rather lightweight to say the least. But as Darren Rowse found out they have just upgraded their reports to allow channels, which is a massive improvement. Just stick this little line in with the rest of your Chitika code to get going:

ch_sid = ‘xxxx’;

I’m going to split my channels in such a way that I can see whether visitors are leaving my site via ads on the index pages, or on content pages. It should also come in very handy with seeing what performs and what doesn’t. Given that the CTR on my Chitika account is significantly lower than AdSense, I’m stoked to be able to have some statistics to help me address my CTR issues. Thanks for the heads up Darren! 🙂

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