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Chitika Category Hints

For the last couple of weeks publishers have been posting on various forums about how their sites are not loading properly because Chitika cannot find a suitable ad for their keyword selection. This can be disastrous because AdSense may not load, your content may only display in part and visitors will simply press the back button never to return.

So it was great to hear that Chitika have launched their new category hints feature that kicks into play when they can’t find an ad. You can check out the available categories here.

To use the default category just add this line of code to your ads:

ch_default_category = “XXXX”;

Apple Store On Chitika

Here’s a nice development that I just spotted on iPod Tracker, blog about iPods and digital music. Chitika now have an Apple Store datafeed offering iBooks, iPods, Macs and accessories. Now this is cool, way cool. Why?

Well, a lot of publishers offer Apple’s products through affiliate links that only pay out when someone actually buys something. Chitika’s CPC model means that publishers can now offer Apple products and get paid per click, rather than per purchase. This is much more lucrative, especially if you have a tech / music site. 🙂

Chitika Announce Stats Upgrade & More Euro Feeds

Chitika have announced an update to their stats reporting system so that daily stats now filter out clicks from unsupported countries (eg. India, China), rather than removing these clicks during the end of month audit. Having said that, the daily reported revenue is still not an accurate reflection of your true earnings, those will be worked out when click fraud, “merchant feedback” and “merchant chargebacks” are taken into account. After rolling out UK feeds a few weeks ago, Chitika are also testing merchant feeds in France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

I understand Chitika are new to the contextual game, but even with this update publishers will demand a more transparent and reliable reporting system. Why should you work for a month thinking you’ve made some money, then find out that you’ve just lost 70% of your income!

For a start, let’s have some clarification on what exactly merchant feedback and merchant chargebacks have to do with earnings. Is this a crude implementation of Chitika-style “smart pricing”?

Chitika Adds Alternate Ads Ability

Chitika just announced the ability to specify an alternate ad feature that has been long awaited by many publishers. If you’ve got a lot of traffic from non-supported countries or you find that Chitika is not able to find keyword targeted ads then this will really help your site. Here’s all you need to do (from the Chitika support site).

What is “Alternate URL”?
The alternate URL feature allows you to make use of your ad space in the event that Chitika is not able to show a paying eMiniMall ad (for example: traffic from non-accepted countries). In such an event, the Chitika system will redirect to the url you specify.

How to specify an “alternate URL”?
There are two ways of specifying an “alternate URL”:

  1. Code Panel: You can login to your account, click on “eMiniMalls Code” and then specify an “Alternate URL” (in the “Set Options” section)
  2. Code Hacking: For existing users who have already deployed code, you can add this line to the code (anywhere after the line with ch_client but before the line with /script). You need to replace the XXXX below with a valid URL like “”.
    ch_alternate_ad_url = “XXXX”;

October’s Audited Figures Online
Log in to your Chitika account and you’ll find your October figures have been audited. It took them a while this month but I think that can be put down to the number of new publishers using eMiniMalls.