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Top 10 Open Source OS X Apps!

Following on from Phil Ryu’s excellent list of top 10 most beautiful OS X apps, I decided to create this list of top ten open source applications for OS X. I’m fully aware that most of the types of posts are scorned for excluding a certain application, but I honestly feel that this is the best, the crème de la crème of all the open source apps for Mac OS X. And what’s especially cool about this list is that all the apps are available for you to download and use for nothing! So without any more fluff, I present what I think are the top 10 open source OS X apps!

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5 Cool Things To Do With Your iSight!

Apple’s iSight webcam has been around for a while, but there are some really cool things you can do with it that make the price tag seem very reasonable indeed.

If you’ve just been using your iSight for video chats with your mates then think again! iSight can help get your laptop back, provide CCTV coverage for your property, read barcodes and much more.

So let’s get stuck in and see what iSight can really do. In no particular order:

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