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5 Best Free Games For OS X

Time for a Friday night post. Maybe you’re bored and just looking for something to put in the time. So why not try some of the best free games available for OS X. There’s something in here for everyone, from action shoot ’em ups to very time-consuming thinking games.

Hope you enjoy!

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5 Cool Things To Do With Your iPod!

I’ve been an avid iPod user since I bought my first 3G iPod from PC World a couple of years ago, which was then replaced at Christmas 2005 (via my fiancee) with the 5G iPod with video. But why stick to your standard iPod interface and not tweak it? Even if everything goes pete-tong, you can just format the drive and then reinstall the latest iPod update.

So if you are bored with just being able to listen to music, watch movies and photos, store notes and check your calendar, have a look at some of the things that can be done …  just for a starter. If I get time I’ll add to this list.

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Optimizing OS X In 5 Easy Steps

Is OS X starting to feel a little sluggish? Are things not just as snappyâ„¢ as they once were? Getting annoyed by that spinning beachball too often? Well fear not, with a few simple and fast tweaks to your system you can address these problems!

I like to keep my system clean, and by clean I really do mean clean. I use these tips regularly to keep things ticking over nicely, which in turn means I can be more productive and write more stuff like this. 😉

If OS X is under the weather, give it the BoydCreative spring clean!

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Tips For A Mac Switcher

There have been a lot of guides to help swicthers moving across from Windows to the Mac recently, but a lot of them seem to focus on 3rd party applications for OS X that have Windows equivalents. Well I thought that someone should list some of the things about OS X that are different, like where to change preferences, how to delete applications, how to search for files, how to add printers etc.

I hope you find my list of tips for a Mac switcher helpful!

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