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Howto: Maximize AdSense Earnings

Recently I wrote about how you can monetize your blog, and one of those ways was through Google AdSense. So to continue on with that train of thought I decided to give out a few tips to help you maximize your AdSense earnings.

Just one point though to start with. This is not intended for a webmaster about to setup a new site. I am writing this for those of you who already own a blog or website but have yet to see AdSense perform for you.

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Google AdSense Adds New Features

You will now find that you can theme your AdSense ad units using a new feature introduced by AdSense. To take advantage of the new themes go to My Account > Ad Type Preference and enable the check box for themed units.

Themed units are not permanent, they will only when appropriate, eg. Christmas, 4th July, Thanksgiving etc.

As part of our ongoing effort to provide ad designs that will improve results for both advertisers and publishers, we now offer themed ad units; ad units that display themed colours and graphics during holidays and special events. You can view examples of themed ad units by visiting our Ad Formats page.

Whenever themed ad units are available, we will display them only to users in the appropriate locations, as determined by user IP address. For example, Fourth of July-themed ads would be visible only to users located in the U.S. while users throughout the world might see ads with a New Year’s Eve theme.

It’ll be interesting to see how CTR is affected as these themes will certainly draw attention to the ads.