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Developments At AdGenta

According to the latest newsletter from AdGenta, the network will be expanded in the future to include a wider range of advertisers while pushing for the best revenue model for publishers.

We are working every day on improving the Adgenta service to make it the best advertising program for bloggers out there. Behind-the-scenes, we’re working getting the best revenue models for bloggers and an extensive ad inventory for your blogs. We are working with many of the leaders in online advertsing and blogging networks to ensure that AdGenta remains true to its vision as the ad network for bloggers.

AdGenta have just updated their backend reporting to improve the reporting of stats.

  • Your clicks and earnings are reported, per day and per month.
  • The data you see has a 12-36 hour delay for auditing.
  • After 12 hours, clicks will start appearing, and will keep going up until auditing is finished.
  • Live unaudited data, and data per post, will reappear at a later date.

Payment Schedules
For those who have earned more than $20 in October using AdGenta, a cheque or PayPal remittance will be dispatched soon. AdGenta will pay publishers who make $20 or more during November in the first week of January.

Changes At AdGenta

AdGenta contacted me today and let me know that they have made a few changes to their offerings.

  • Qumana’s interface has been completely redone
  • Buttons are clear for what they do
  • To insert an ad simply click the advertising button. One button for everything just enter your keywords and click for custom options
  • Jump to your stats right from Qumana
  • Improved default ad for improved CTR
  • One click insertion with pre-selected buttons. Just enter keywords, press Return and you’re done!

They are also working on adding more inventory and partners, as well as brokering a better deal for AdGenta publishers. Furthermore, the way in which ads are delivered is set to be improved.

My main gripe with AdGenta is that you can only tweak ads from within Qumana, which happens to be Windows-only software. If they were to make their system web-based rather than software-based it would make like easier and attract more publishers. However, this is just another clear signal that the contextual advertising market is continuing to expand beyond the traditional AdSense stronghold – and that is great news for publishers of all shapes and sizes.