Howto: Use Web 2.0 To Get Viral Traffic For Your Blog

One of the most effective ways for you to significantly boost traffic to your blog is to go viral. Now that sounds easy, but in actual fact it is anything but simple. You need something original, catchy and catering for a niche that has not been saturated … so put your thinking cap on!

If you want to take your site to the next level then use these popular Web 2.0 services to your advantage. They serve millions of pageviews each and every day, the traffic is there. You just need it to see you!

  1. Digg
    For shear traffic, Digg is King. I remember the first time I made the front page of Digg with a story about Google error code. I had to arrange extra bandwidth with my host several times, I even had to call them at 2am in the middle of the night to get more bandwidth! Needless to say, I was amazed at the bulk of traffic. But Digg isn’t just a matter of submitting some random story about your latest walk through the park. Digg’s readers are incredibly savvy and have been round the block a time or 2. If you want to get to that homepage, you need to be first. Get the scoop and get in quick, otherwise someone else will. However, I found that most Diggers were only on the page for a very short period of time and then went back to Digg for another fix. Remeber this key point: if you are after a boost in revenue from Digg you’re probably barking up the wrong tree.
  2. YouTube / Google Videos
    Viral movies are extremely powerful, especially when you can watermark the entire movie with your website logo. Many of the videos submitted to these sites also feature a long contributors list at the end, complete with URLs. What’s great about a video is that they can be downloaded onto a local drive and then uploaded onto a portable device such as an iPod or PSP. The video is almost like a virtual magazine, sitting around your computer HD for a while with the ability to remind the viewer of your site the next time he views it. So if you can be bothered, come up with a unique video and see what it can do with YouTube or Google Video.
    Social bookmarking sites such as and ma.gnolia are incredibly important in the Web 2.0 world. Not only do you get a oneway backlink from a trusted authority, but if the story gets some traction you can get lots of oneway links from similarly themed blogs overnight. Try going out and getting those kind of links any other way, you’ll be at it for a while! But these sites are tricky to rank well in, you’re best bet at going viral is with a scoop on a story, screenshots from unreleased software or a tutorial on a new technique. It’s not easy, but if you can make the popular list, you’re landed!
  4. MySpace / Bebo
    Looking to get reaction to something, or want to get your name well known? Well a MySpace or Bebo profile is well worth the effort. This site is the perfect example of the power of viral marketing, it came from absolutely nowhere to being one of the highest trafficked sites online in a matter of months. The only problem is that you will face a lot of background noise, there are plenty of other fishers trying their luck with the MySpace crowd. Still, if your story or service catches on here, the benefits will be widespread and very lucrative.


  1. DigitalPoint Geolocation Widget
    Shawn Hogan, the guy who owns the Digital Point Forums, created a tool that shows you the geographical location of your current visitors on a world map. It is a mashup between geotargeting and Google Maps, quite a simple idea that went viral on MySpace. What did he get out of it? Just a few thousand oneway backlinks. 😉
  2. My Google Story
    I posted a story about Google’s error code to Digg and shortly after made the front page. shortly after that it was picked up over at, and consequently was bookmarked by over 200 users and also made the front page as well as staying on their popular list for a day or so. Then the links started coming, from far and wide. From blogs that I have never read, to blogs that I have only dreamed about getting linked from. All from one story.

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  4. 4MySales

    Bebo, MySpace, Digg and others are great tools, but what activities or posts do you make to get yourself noticed?


  5. Andy Post author


    For instance, you could setup a profile on several of these social networks (Squidoo was very popular until recently). You can then use the authority of these sites to boost your own site with backlinks and traffic.

    Others choose to build up huge friends lists and then send them details on products that they would be interested in, ie. ringtones, games etc.

    Just a couple of the many ways you can go about it. 🙂

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