5 Best Drinks To Keep You Going Through The Night

First things first … I am assuming you like to stay up late, code, chat on various forums, play games and probably scour Myspace & Digg. This list is not intended to be healthy, although most of the drinks on them are fine (IMO) when taken in moderation. None of the drinks are alcoholic in nature, remember the idea is to prolong your stay in front of the screen!

So here are my 5 best drinks to keep you typing all through the night!

  1. Freshly Roasted CoffeeFreshly Roasted Coffee
    When you are going for the late night session of coding, designing and maybe a bit of chat on a forum then you need to stay alert. I love all the other drinks here, but I have to say that to keep you going all night long there is nothing like freshly roasted coffee run through a percolator. What’s great about this approach is that once you make a large batch, you’ll have a big enough supply to keep you awake for hours … and it will always be warm. That’s if your coffee percolator has a built in heater.
  2. Strong Irish TeaStrong Irish Tea
    Some people just don’t appreciate the taste of a good, strong, full-bodied cup of tea. Now I for one like Irish blends, particularly Barry’s and Bewley’s. You want something with a kick, something that opens your eyes and reinvigorates you. For me, a strong cuppa tay (as in brewed for at least 2 minutes) is right up there in terms of improved productivity.
  3. ColaCola
    I like this one, especially on those warmer summer nights. Basically all it takes is a bottle of cola (Coca-Cola / Pepsi / whatever), some ice cubes and a slice of lemon. Combine and enjoy. While it isn’t the healthiest option given the high sugar content, it will keep you awake at your keyboard.
  4. Red BullRed Bull
    I’m not all that sure about Red Bull. Some people think that it works, others would argue against it. Personally, I’m not a massive fan of the stuff because it kinda gives me a mild heart palpitation. But the fact that it has many times the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of caffeine is sure to keep you wide awake and glued to the screen. It can make you a bit jittery though, so if you’re playing Counterstrike you could be a bit trigger-happy … but there’s no harm in that!
  5. Bottled WaterBottled Water
    I usually have a supply of slightly chilled bottled water available at all times to combat dehydration. Drinks rich in caffeine, such as coffee and Red Bull, are known to dehydrate the body. Dehydration causes sleepiness and a decrease in terms of concentration. So it’s a good idea to drink some still water to keep hydrated through the night.

More Drinks From Comments

    Thanks for putting me on to this one volcomjerk! BAWLS looks like a pretty good drink to have about! It is made with a naturally occurring type of caffeine called Gurana that is 2.5 times stronger than the typical caffeine in coffee. A sugar-free version is also available if you are more health-conscious.

You can also try caffeine naps, a coffee combined with a quick 15 minute snooze, for better performance. Also get yourself on a course of Omega-3 tablets, these are reputed to improve concentration levels significantly.

One more tip. If you are drinking a cold drink, try and not chill it too much. A drink that has a low temperature upon entering your digestive system can lower the temperature of the digestive tract enough to make your enzymes less efficient.

4 thoughts on “5 Best Drinks To Keep You Going Through The Night

  1. wnypatriot

    My favorite, which beats the cold ones listed IMO, is SoBe NoFear. Not only does it have twice the amount of caffeine that Red Bull has and comes in a can twice as large, it also doesn’t dry you out like coffee does. And yes, more than a can or two is still enjoyable.

  2. impartial

    You state the following: “A drink that has a low temperature upon entering your digestive system can lower the temperature of the digestive tract enough to make your enzymes less efficient.” Then you include a link to a page that makes the same claim.

    The information in the page you referenced is probably false. It has been debunked by the About.com Urban Legends web site. The “article” is based on an e-mail message that someone made up.

    It’s great that you try to find references for your claims and suggestions, but if you can’t find references from reputable sources, chances are the claims are false.

    Just trying to stop the spread of incorrect information.

  3. Brad Dalgleish

    Please, come on. Red Bull has more caffeine than drip coffee? No, it doesn’t. Coffee brewed drip method has around 100-120mg caffeine per cup, whereas one Red Bull has 80mg.

    Oh the drama and misinformation behind Red Bull.

    My two cents.

  4. Byte

    Well, if you are really looking to get warm or even hot in cold weather, drink something contains iodine. This will make your body temperature around 38-39.5 C and still healthy. You’ll never feel chilly anymore

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