5 Cool Things To Do With Your iPod!

I’ve been an avid iPod user since I bought my first 3G iPod from PC World a couple of years ago, which was then replaced at Christmas 2005 (via my fiancee) with the 5G iPod with video. But why stick to your standard iPod interface and not tweak it? Even if everything goes pete-tong, you can just format the drive and then reinstall the latest iPod update.

So if you are bored with just being able to listen to music, watch movies and photos, store notes and check your calendar, have a look at some of the things that can be done …  just for a starter. If I get time I’ll add to this list.

  1. Install Linux
    Installing iPodLinux is probably the ultimate way to customize your iPod? Why? Well it allows you to install modules such as the Guitar Tab Reader, Invaders, iWeather, Magic 8 Ball, PodDraw, PodWrite and many many more.
  2. Make A RAID Array
    Got a few old iPods laying about? Why not hook them up into a RAID array? Your iPod is basically just a removable hard drive, so plug in them in via a USB hub and then format them with Disk Utility for RAID. Now you can just drag and drop your files onto them like they are another disk.
  3. Store Recipes
    Considering you’ll probably take your iPod with you wherever you go, why not take a handy list of recipes with too. You can download recipes for your iPod from Kraft or Emerills. Enrique Quintero also has a collection of vegan recipes and cocktail recipes for you to download.
  4. Theme The iPod OS
    You might think that the user interface and design of the standard iPod OS is a bit drab, or just not you. Well, with iPod Wizard (for Windows only) you can change colours, icons etc and make your iPod your own.
  5. Solar Powercharge
    Anyone with an iPod knows just how frustrating it is when the music stops midway through a track you love. Even more annoyingly, while traveling. The solution? The Solio iPod Solar Charger! Plug in it and open the solar panel array, wait a while and enjoy your charged iPod. Obviously you need light to use this accessory, and charges will vary depending on exposure to direct sunlight.
  6. Travel Guides
    Going on a trip? Why not download one of the Rough Guides Podscrolls, a free download that includes lots and lots of information on the following cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, London, Madrid, New York, Paris, Prague, Rome and San Francisco.

There are so many things to do with the iPod. iPodLinux is especially interesting considering all the alternative software that is available to run. So what do you like to do with your iPod?

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