5 Best Free Games For OS X

Time for a Friday night post. Maybe you’re bored and just looking for something to put in the time. So why not try some of the best free games available for OS X. There’s something in here for everyone, from action shoot ’em ups to very time-consuming thinking games.

Hope you enjoy!

  1. America’s Army
    I really like America’s Army simply because there is nothing like a good shoot ’em up to get the pulse racing. Graphics are good and there are loads of maps to play online. The only annoying thing about it is the training at the start, but I suppose it’s a free game and that can be overlooked.
  2. Tremulous
    This one has been around on Windows and Linux for a while. It’s kinda like Doom / Quake, lots of guns and things to shoot and blow up. You can choose to be either an alien of human with the aim of terminating the other team, in it’s entirety. It’s free and well worth downloading!
  3. Quinn
    Quinn was a fantastic, slick and perfectly implemented Tetris game for OS X. In fact, it looked so good that Apple could have slotted it in nicely within their default OS X installation. Aside from the fantastic UI, Quinn also had the ability to play against others in a network. Unfortunately the makers of Quinn have been forced to stop distribution because of a legal issue surrounding the rights to use Tetris. How pathetic. But this isn’t the first time The Tetris Company, the company holding the ‘rights’ to the Tetris, have kicked up a fuss.
  4. Freecell
    You’ll love this one espcially if you have just switched over from Windows, where you probably have wasted more hours than you care to recall playing Solitaire! Freecell is a free Solitaire game for OS X. Not much more you can say about it.
  5. Sudoku Widget
    Sudoku Widget is widget that allows you to play a game of Sudoku via the Dashboard, which is quite handy as you can easily come back to a game throughout the day. It’s just one of those games that you can keep for a rainy day, or a day when you can’t be bothered to work!

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