Supporting Charity, One Tag At A Time

I just got tagged by my good friend Raj, who was originally tagged by Chris Garrett. The idea here is to direct some eyeballs to those charities you see fit to support. So without further ado; 5 charities that need your money:

So, who am I going to tag?

  1. Gareth Boyd – youngest brother
  2. David Boyd – younger brother
  3. Ally Simpson – newly-married, music-addicted cousin
  4. John Chow – admittedly I don’t know him, but the more blogs the better for this meme
  5. Andy Hagans – the SEO extraordinaire himself

By the way, I’m back!

2 thoughts on “Supporting Charity, One Tag At A Time

  1. Andy Post author

    Thanks! I’ve been looking forward to seeing myself getting back into the game, if you know what I mean. 🙂

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