Seo Roadshow Copenhagen

Posting has been really thin on the ground here for a variety of reasons, getting married and moving house accounts for most of my silence. I’ve also been away for a few days at the SEO Roadshow in Copenhagen, thanks for the invite Mr. Cowley.

The location for the main day event was a focal point of many conversations, some called it a crack house and others seemed to think that it was a squat. Both would be an adequate description of the joint. After a rather chaotic taxi ride there with Ian, we pulled up to the block and actually thought we had been the butt of someone’s sadistic joke. That was until we saw the sign, which led us to think we were being lined up for some sort of hit … probably at the bequest of Mr. Cutts and his band of spam fighting buddies.

So once we were done it was back to the hotel, where we found that Alta Vista were back in business selling wine. It’s grainy, but that’s definitely a bottle of Alta Vista wine. It tasted quite nice.

Alta Vista Wine

But the best part of the whole trip, I think, was hanging out with a few guys on Sunday. We managed to fit in a very good boat tour round Copenhagen, catching a glimpse of some pretty amazing architecture and generally taking it easy before a tasty club sandwich on the quay. Those Danes have it down!

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