Optimizing Your Post Title For More Traffic

The title tag is probably the most important tag on your blog for 2 reasons.

  1. It is used by search engines to rank your page.
  2. It can give browsers a glimpse of the document topic.

When you are writing your blog it can be very tempting to write a title that is very time-sensitive. Titles like “Acme Inc. Launches New VoIP Phone” suck. They just do, take it from me. It might just manage to get a decent ranking but it will soon slip down the SERPs. And even while it ranks well, very few people will click through. Why? Because they’ll all be clicking on the other blogger who optimized his title to read something like “Acme Inc. Skype-certified Model1 VoIP Phone”!

The second title is optimized, it looks more factual and less like a press release. It’s a simple frame of mind, but it does work. If you want traffic, optimize your title for the future. The press release styled title has a built-in time limit of interest. What will happen when the product you are posting about has been out for a year?

So in short, think long term.

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