Greg Boser On The Sandbox & Getting Out

Last night I tuned into SEORockstars with Todd Friesen and Greg Boser. Normally I download the show from iTunes but yesterday I thought I’d stay up and listen in live, and it was well worth it. If you haven’t listened in before, head over to WebmaserRadio and tune in yourself, it’s well worth it.

Last night Boser got talking about a little technique he has used to get around the sandbox / litterbox / time penalty. It involves 301 redirects, aged domains, A records and relative links. It would take me a while to explain it (incorrectly), so grab the podcast and check it out for yourself. Also on the show, Boser announced that he will be releasing a WP plugin that will serve up an optimized version of your blog to Googlebot / Slurp / MSNbot. As far as I can recall he will be making an IP-based version of the plugin available. Keep an eye on his tools section.

By now it should be clear that I’m a bit of SEORockstars fan! 😉 And so should you be!

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