Google Click To Call

TW are reporting that Google’s Click To Call service is now in full beta and live on their search results. I had to hunt around for a free open proxy so that I could access their site from a US IP address, otherwise the ads wouldn’t show and I couldn’t try it out.

You’ll know the ad when you see it because it will have a little telephone icon to the right of the ad title. Clicking on the ad triggers the ad to scroll out and provide a text box for your telephone number, which is where it went wrong for me. Being based in the UK I suppose it would only be natural for my telephone number to be rejected!

Anyways, I would pay to use this service as an advertiser. Paying to initiate a conversation about your services and products is a fantastic way to boost your business and upsell products. I’m looking forward for this feature to roll out internationally. :)

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