Using Hotmail On A Mac

I know, you probably wonder why on earth are you still using Hotmail? I dunno, it’s just one of those things. I’ve been a Hotmail user since I first got online, back in the days of free email accounts, Geocities and all things non Web 2.0. The thing is, it does the job so I haven’t really bothered switching even though I have a Gmail account.

But anyway, ever since Hotmail became a part of Microsoft’s Live strategy I have been having problems with it. Sometimes I can get access to my account and others I can’t. Using Hotmail on a Mac is no fun, I mean I know my email address and password … I’ve been typing it for years! Why do you do something as silly and narrow-minded as not making your free email just work. Man it gets me angry! But only in a good, non-violent and slightly geeky way.

2 thoughts on “Using Hotmail On A Mac

  1. leaf

    so u mean hotmail’s not soo good to use huh?
    coz i haf hotmail but also cant use it. it’s soo dumb
    anyway u mite think i’m rude askin ya this but can i kno ur gmail and u use gtalk?
    reply me to if ya wan


  2. WillyDavidK

    Hey man, dunno if you are still watching this or not, but I have had the same problem. I have most of my emails dating back to 2002 all on hotmail, along with all of my contacts, folders, filters, etc. But I had just about had it up to here with microsoft, and was working on a way to go about changing over to my gmail account, when I ran into this site. It explains how to get your hotmail through OS X’s built in Mail! This totally saved my butt, so I hope it can do the same for you!


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