Help Graywolf Win The V7N SEO Contest

A week or so back John Scott of V7N announced a new SEO contest. No big news in itself, but in order to be eligible for the contest entrants had to link back to V7N. This annoyed a lot of SEO’s and eventually Scott withdrew the necessity to link back to him.

Greg Boser then jumped in, and along with Todd Friesen and Mike Grehan, is offering $3,000 in prize money. Now Graywolf has announced that if he wins the contest, all winnings will be donated to St. Jude’s Center for Children to help kids with cancer.

So thanks Rand for posting on this. I’ve dugg you and urge anybody else to get over and digg it too. While your at it, why not link to Graywolf and help him win! :)

Here’s the code …

<a href=’’ >v7ndotcom elursrebmem contest</a><br>
Learn how you can help children with cancer.

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